Why did Webber stop his car and pull off in the F1?

This is one massive question still unanswered.

But look at it this way:

– there have been no announcements about his car having problems

– he is a twat

– the strategy screwed his race and logically he may have wanted immediate answers

– it is very possible (not definite) that RB used him to test what the tyres would do to Vettel

RB being quiet makes it pretty obvious that it is possible he was sulking and stormed back right away.

More on the pace of the Red Bull. Anyone who says that Vettel was ‘cruising’ and this is going to be an easy, one-sided season, are mistaken.

1) Hamilton got within 1 – 1.5 seconds of Vettel before Vettel pitted

2) V pitted because he HAD TO. The tye wear on RB is much higher than McLaren. McLaren still even had more laps in the tyres, but pitted Lewis for strategy.

3) RBs KERS clearly DOES NOT WORK – AND, en extra 35kg will not be good at all for the rear tyres!!!

4) Vettel is still not a flawless and well-experienced mature master. Mistakes happen.

5) McLaren have a much better base to work on this year, than last year. Lewis is VERY positive about this car and it seems totally fine with a good KERS system, good on the tyres, and they have not yet tested (in real track time) the current system.

The testing was all done with different specs, exhausts etc., and they will learn a massive amount in just the first 3 races.

Sepang has 3 decent ‘real’ straight straights – the final straight before the hairpin to the pit-straight, then the tight turns 1 – 3, and then another long straight back to the shorter windy sections. Will be a close one…

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