AT LAST – Formula 1 is back

Some commentators will call it as Vettel scaring the competition, and Red Bull still massively dominating.

I don’t see it like that. McLaren are far, far closer than they were last year – and Albert Park is such a unique track. On the higher power circuits of the year, the McLaren will have more pull, and it’s more efficient KERS system will show through well on actual straights, of which there are basically none at AP.

Some commentators are also saying that the Renault is amazing, and maybe Kubica could win, BUT, *if*:

– Button hadn’t have been stupid by realising he did wrong and let Massa back past

– Alonso and Webber hadn’t got the tye strategy wrong (Webber going onto hards too early … unless the team was using that as a test of what to put Vettel on!!! —- and Alonso going once too much on hards

– Rosberg hadn’t been forced off by Barrichello

then Petrov was maybe 7th – 9th on pace, as usual. His pace at the end of the race was irrelevant, because the faster cars were taking it very easy on purpose, to save tyres etc.

Massa is TRULY shite. Painfully bad. What’s his excuse now?

And – why did Webber quickly stop hsi car after the finish line, instead of doing the normal slow-down lap?

Did he have a car problem? Or does he think that he was on a hard tyre test also, and it cost him a higher finish in the race?!? Which it did!!

Malaysia next. I think it will be more even with McLaren and Red Bull, and… it usually rains there!

Ferrari (and Mercedes) are in dire straits because they seem not to understand the way their car works with the tyres, and Mercedes seem not to understand anything!

For Ferrari, it may not take that much for them to get back on pace with Alonso though.

More hard waiting now!


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