BRILLIANT = Lewis, Jenson, Seb — SHITE = Webber, Ferrari, Mercedes


FINALLY we have some actual hard facts of RESULTS to be talking about.

Lewis – you are truly phenomenal. To stick it on P2 with a car that is clearly not as quick as the Magic Red Bull is amazing.

Webber… you are 0.8 SLOWER than someone in the SAME car as you.

Ferrari – reliable in testing… great… no pace. WELL off the pace.

And Massa… you kept talking about how the tyres would favour you this year – well, you can’t even drive out of the pits without spinning. Such an amateur.

Red Bull have the title in their hands with a car like that.

McLaren are massively impressive though, hats off too Whitmarsh too because they have proven results now. This isn’t a change of tune, but it’s a huge improvement and that is recognised.

Mercedes? Fighting for podiums? Not yet, not from 11th.

The race and tyres will be the strategic key for the race tomorrow, and it will be a simple awesome, amazing, spell-bounding and pulse-racing first corner.



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