Whitmarsh – not the greatest Team Principal of all time

His comments are always frustrating. He sees himself as some Lordy Over-seer of the general goodness and smiley comfort of Formula 1.

Where is the determination to WIN?

Or, where, is the ability to not make a shite car?

With huge resources, the best driver on the grid in the last 15 years as well as a decent Jenson Button, McLaren have screwed it yet again.

Not only is the car difficult to drive, and grinds tyres away for fun, it isn’t even reliable! Red Bull and Ferrari seem to be wondering how life can be so easy,  and showing that a car should actually be fast – while doing 100+ laps in testing.

Read this, apparently copyright F1.com (fine):

“in my view the MP4-25 was a pretty good car, though clearly it wasn’t as quick season-long at the Red Bull RB6”

Andddd…… not as quick in qualifying. Or…. not as quick in a race, sometimes by ONE SECOND A LAP.

When asked about their SHOCKINGLY AWFUL testing now, he said that the earlier tests gave them a lot of “rich, raw information which we’ve been analysing ever since”

The man is incessantly making excuses and seeing positives where there are none.

When the team are still off the pace at races 1 to 20, and Vettel is on the podium again, I can see Whitmarsh scuttling off into the dark muttering Gollom-like about “rrrich, rrraw tyre analysis”.

2011 Champions: Vettel and Red Bull (Or Ferrari and Alonso). Whitmarsh will be cracking open the champers based on what – apparently useless tyre analysis?

Get rid of Whitmarsh and get someone in who can pick designers who aren’t cack.

New idea for 2012, McLaren.

One Response to Whitmarsh – not the greatest Team Principal of all time

  1. […] been said since 2010 that Whitmarsh was nice but dim, and also perhaps not the greatest leader of all […]

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