The unbelievably insular world of McLaren

As a McLaren fan, I am yet again worried.

They seem to think that they have some kind of extra time that other teams don’t.

‘Our car isn’t quick / our car is problematic, but we have plenty of time / we have more test sessions to work on it’.


As I said before, it is impossible to draw actual conclusions of good predictions from testing, but McLaren’s problems are not secret. It is impossible to tell whether Ferrari or Red Bull are quicker, but it is clear that McLaren are worse. Less reliable, worse on tyres…

But it still frustrates me when they speak of having time to understand there car… it reminds me of last year. The teams all have the same time to understand and upgrade their car, so the risk exists that they will still be ahead.

Bahrain cancelled – only annoying because it means more waiting. The track and race itself is never memorable.

But it does mean another few weeks with no real news at all, and mere guesswork about the real speed of teams.

I just hope that McLaren are actually worried, not just assuming that some form of speed will come together on their car.

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