The terribly incorrect theories of Everyman

Quite an overly literary title, but…

I mean that each F1 pundit and fan seems to take a sensuous delight in making predictions with absolutely zero base, source, or reason, and then trying to appear smarter and more keenly adroit than everyone else.

Did that still not quite make sense?

I mean – each F1 fan says something like ‘I have a confident suspicion that TEAM X will be the fastest this year’.

Just because they feel like saying it. It’s as valid and worthwhile as a burp. Yet they make out as if this is some cleverly deduced opinion or claim.

People are shouting that Ferrari will be fastest, or McLaren will be, or McLaren will be slow, but mainly, that Red Bull will be quick.

James Allen:

“The feeling persists though that when the time comes for Red Bull to see what the thing will do over a single lap on a low fuel run, it will lead to a collective intake of breath in the F1 paddock.”

Meaningless. Useless. Completely unhelpful ‘reporting’. Sources? Background? REASONS?

This is like saying ‘I know it’s a bit wild, but I am pretty confident that Man U will have a good team next year, and challenge for the title’. Good! Fresh! Plainly arousing and sweetly erotic, with a tender kiss of genius sporting prediction.

What? RED BULL have a fast car this year? Who’d have thought it? This is not, a worthwhile, prediction.

I also read (before his ridiculous crash) that someone said, again, “Kubica is one of the fastest drivers, in my opinion”. Yes, many, many people love to say that, to sound clever and ‘unique’, even though everyone says it now. If he had said ‘fastest one-handed drivers’, then no one could disagree.

Aaaanyway. There is no way, at all, to tell who is quickest now. Done.

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