Talk the talk? Then… race the race

Let’s all remember just who said what in the close season, before the actual racing begins.

Because it’s so easy for everyone to be full of themselves, when a car hasn’t touched the track yet!

And then during the season, we will be able to see who was talking the truth, and who was just puffing air and ego.

As a McLaren fan, and die-hard Lewis fan, I am still always skeptical of any large-scale PR related to their car.

All through 2010 they said, on a Wednesday before the race, something like ‘yes we have finally tapped our cars potential’, or ‘we have a series or package or sofa or cereal box of improvements to add to the car this weekend’.

And then… Red Bull would still blitz 0.5 – 1.0 seconds quicker.

So their murmurings about the MP4-26 are still received with a raise eyebrow.

And their ‘technical re-alignment’ with their staff… it makes the news because there is nothing else to talk about, but… having ’62 years’ of joint experience in their top 3 design chappies is only good if it is better than Newey! Because last year, all the combined years experience at McLaren from the top boys through to the tea ladies could not mentally force 1 second of lap-time onto the car.

What else…

Ah yes, Massa. The little Brazilian that couldn’t (over-take). The tires will really suit him this year, apparently. Good! So what – the tires WON’T suit Alonso? I reckon Zorro will be just fine, Felipe. So another excuse may be needed for 2011 12th – 14th race-finish positions. In a Ferrari.

Schumacher. The little German World Champion that isn’t (too old). In all fairness he has been quiet. But his bosses haven’t been doing him any favours by going on about how this year will be better for him. While not saying 1 word about their other (better) driver Rosberg, who they may or may not have forgotten. ‘Ah, Nico, hi! Your new car for 2011? Erm, well… we forgot to make a 2nd one, to be honest. But we like your hair. ‘

And of course, Renault. Sorry I mean Renault-Lotus. Or Renault-Lotus-Chapman-Bahar. I have no idea. Anyway dirty-snow-sludge-black and latte colour. That team. They are fast, brave… really brave… what else… they have Kubica, the ‘secret fastest driver on the grid’ according to those F1 fans who want to appear like the smartest fan in the room. 6th place it is then.

Yes, this has been toward the critical.

Positive compliments and smiley-ness now – I am still ‘well’ excited about Brundle being F1 commentator.

An F1 commentator who actually knows racing? Coupled with a recent ex-driver who has no problem in telling the secret stories of teams? With this, Mr. BBC, you are already spoiling us….

2 Responses to Talk the talk? Then… race the race

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