Points to watch for in testing 2011

Only 2 weeks or so until testing now.

Will Ross Brawn be able to pull off a Brawn and have developed a good Mercedes car, with the extra time used last season not spent on developing the 2010 car? It seems unlikely that it’s that simple, as the Pirellis weren’t available until recently, and apparently will have a huge effect on the car.

Will Newey be able to design a magical and mysterious system that no one else can figure out? Yes and no… I would say that this year it won’t be that easy, with many routes of ambiguity closed off in the rule book. However, I think they will still be able to pull their trick of making the car lower in qualifying, because nobody knows how it was done, still.

It always seemed to me that the RB cars had more camber than other cars – their front wheels seemed angled far more inwards from the top down – perhaps it was actually their suspension or front-wheel-axle attachments that they fiddled with to give a few inches lower on the nose?

Or, was it the nose hinge itself that was manipulated, to get lower to the ground when on low-fuel?

McLaren are building themselves up, again, just as they did all through 2010. Whitmarsh saying that any other team “envies” their driver line-up is totally pathetic. I would say that Red Bull don’t envy anyone right now. Maybe if Whitmarsh could have added Adrian Newey, then yes, people would envy them.

Massa, the driver who cannot overtake, is saying how motivated he is, blah blah blah. It will be impossible for him to drive a car better than Alonso. So his endless excuses about last years tires is also pathetic, as excuses are never a good idea! Because then he will need to find another excuse for this season…

Renault are also trumpeting how great they are, AND they say that their new car colours are the “envy” of the whole grid.

That is sick, and not in slang 'sick' (meaning good), just... sick.

Terrible. Mind you, these people think that their baby-sick-yellow colour last year was quite something, so while having a car that reminds me of an old packet of cigarettes isn’t my idea of style, I am not surprised that they think it’s just great. They also say they are aiming to finish 3rd, and how ‘brave’ their car is. It is reasonably courageous to aim to actually hurt the eyes of millions of people worldwide with a colour combination that just does not work, but 3rd, with zero testing done, is a silly ambition for Renault.

Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso. One of these men will win the 2011 title, and it will come down to whoever has the fastest car, and makes the least mistakes. Easy!

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