Best view Singapore F1

What is the best place to sit in the Singapore F1? What are the best seats Singapore F1?

What hotels in Singapore can you see the F1 from? Raffles, Fairmont, and ‘kind of’ the Marina Mandarin. If you have a few spare several thousand ready to spend.

Otherwise, you should get F1 tickets for turn 1 at the Singapore F1, for the best view.

Make sure you book these Singapore F1 tickets EARLY, because the best seats sell out very quickly !!

Going to the Singapore F1 seems more for the experience rather than the racing. The only decent seats to see car-track-time are at turn 1, where you can see all the way down the straight and then the first couple of turns / chicane.

‘Bay’ is the seats where the cars quickly disappear under the grandstand, so this, and most other seats, get a few seconds zooming past of each car.

All is predictably well-organised with the MRT and free shuttle buses.

The best seats at Singapore F1? Basically, the Singapore F1 turn 1 seats are the best seats.


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But it’s not worth worrying that much about it to be honest. Basically you can’t go wrong at all here – they have Kangaroo TV, you can walk all around the track via the air-conditioned malls and will have a great time wherever you sit – but turn 1 is the only good seat, if you can afford it. I haven’t uploaded any pics for this one due to the above explanation. If you can afford it, then you will have a great ‘experience’ indeed, but most of what you see of the cars will be a few seconds in front of you and on the K-TV.

Turn 1 does seem the best. Because of the layout of the track, you won’t see much over-taking OR a lengthy spell of cars on the road, so going all out and buying Singapore turn 1 and turn 2 tickets is wise.

Click the link below for more reviews about the best seats and experiences for the Singapore F1, and Book F1 will actually talk with you about which is the best place to sit at the Singapore F1.

the best view for the Singapore Formula 1

Best views for the Singapore F1

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