Best view of Spain F1, Catalunya

The race is actually well-known for few overtaking opportunities, as it really seems that the course was perfectly designed for cars about 25 years ago, i.e. slower and less nimble. However the stands all seem to offer excellent views, you can’t really go wrong here.

The main choice of using a grandstand seat or General Admission seems to be your preferred wake up time… you will need to be there about 8am with a chair (you can buy at Montmelo for about 10 Eur) to secure a good spot on the ‘Pelouse’.

Even though all the stands seem good, I offers excellent views of speedy corners AND two parts of the track, so you can see a lot of car time:

Stand I

To read more reviews of the best seats at the Spanish F1, Catalunya, Spain, just click this Book F1 tickets icon.

Book F1 will actually speak with you about what seats are best for your requirements and desired F1 view:

best F1 seats

Best seats and views for Formula One tickets Spain

Some seem to moan about getting there, BUT others say it’s fine, and it seems easy. From Barcelona you can go to Sants station and get the Montmelo line to Montmelo – then just walk for 20 – 30 minutes. They even have 1 Euro tractor buses. If in a car, there seems to be plenty of easy parking around the track also.

You can stock up on food and drink at Montmelo and take it in, as long as it isn’t metal.

Just BOOK AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, because the best seats run out fast!


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