Best view at Shanghai F1

To learn more about the city of Shanghai, watch Planet Shanghai TV – which can also be seen on their Planet Shanghai Facebook page.

When you arrive to Shanghai, it’s great to use an English-speaking Shanghai airport collection.

The alternative options are:

  • Over-priced hotel collections with a non-English speaking driver
  • The dread taxi, a filthy, stinky crash-box
  • Drivers that will arrive late, drive dangerously or the wrong way

To be collected in style, on time and driven safely to your destination by a European, native English speaker, in a clean and comfy ride — that’s the style.

Visit their Shanghai English Airport Car website here.

The Shanghai F1 circuit details:

I have been to this one also, so can give a first-hand account about the best seats for the Shanghai F1, the best views, and where to get Shanghai F1 tickets.

I have read others say the food was not that great, but the choice was a 12″ BBQ chicken pizza for 150 RMB, or local ‘xiao long bao’, steamed dumplings. Both of these are a gluttons joy to eat, so I have no idea what is wrong with that! Also, there are not that many entertainment stands – but Mercedes usually have a huge stand with gorgeous AMG cars, and there is also live entertainment (band) usually also.

Seeing as Shanghai is not that popular a venue, people should expect this, and not more. A big pizza and plenty of cold beer should be OK for any outdoor event, even F1.

Getting to and from the ground is easy. On Saturday, you can take the Metro direct to the circuit for 6 RMB – great. On Sunday, local ‘logic’ means that they sometimes close the Metro.

Cars find it difficult to get close to the track unless they have a special pass. So if you do hire a local driver + car (which between 4 people or so works out not that expensive), the local driver is usually savvy enough to glean a car pass.

After you read this, click here to go to Book F1 and read more reviews and experiences:

Cheap F1 tickets

Best seats and views for F1 tickets

I used these guys: Shanghai Car Service, and they were fine. The driver was brutally surly, but in a kind of charming storybook way.

There are cheap buses from a few points in the city (it takes about 2 hours to get to the circuit), and the pick-up places can change, so ask your hotel about details.

I usually don’t recommend sitting on the main grandstand pit-straight because you get little real action, and miss out on the impression of cornering / direction-changing speed. But in Shanghai, you are so high up that you can see a lot of the track.

This Youtube link shows that you see plenty of track time at the end of the straight.

These are the most expensive seats, but well worth it for the overall view.

It is worth getting the headphones there so that you can ensure that you hear the commentary.

Staying in Shanghai means choosing one of the 5-stars in the east-side financial district, ‘Lu Jia Zui’ in ‘Pu Dong’, or in the main part of the city ‘Pu Xi’, which is much better for the traveller/tourist, as you can walk out of your hotel and be right in the heart of the city – whereas in Pu Dong you need to always taxi into Pu Xi to see the real delights of the city.

There is a lot of choice in Pu Xi and you can’t go much wrong, for example the Portman Ritz-Carlton, the JW Marriot, the Peninsula, the Okura Garden hotel… all good choices with excellent location, and taxis are very cheap anyway.

For the lowest priced accommodation and best deals on your travels, use Agoda.

For fun F1 betting, choose Skybet. They have really good deals like free bets and on-going monthly free bets.

You may need to use a UK proxy if you want to bet from outside / not in the UK.

You can also watch F1 online, securely, by simply selecting the UK setting on a proxy.

Using this UK TV proxy for F1: click here – you can pay a small amount (about USD 68 a year!!) to use a UK proxy


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