the Chapman family goals and ambitions

Obviously I have no idea what they are. but surely they are a factor to consider in the Group / Team / Posse Lotus issue?

As mentioned before, this is truly a minor issue, and I am not sure how many F1 fans either:

A) understand what the hell is going on

B) or, care. At all. About the name designation. Of a low-field team.

Nevertheless, there isn’t much else to comment on, and most other F1 websites are filling their space with bland narrative about Lotus, so let’s take another angle:

The Chapman family – of Colin Chapman, founder or originator of the original Lotus F1 team (champions ’68 and ’70), are always described in the way that heirs of a legend are described.

As if they are meek, lonesome widows / heirs and heiresses, ‘just wanting what was good for Father’ kind of Dickensian figures.

No doubt they surely do want to respect their relative’s legacy and name, however maybe, JUST MAYBE, they are normal people and therefore may also have their own machinations of money-earning + power-owning where possible.

Therefore their alleged recent switch of allegiance to ‘Group Lotus’, the non-Fernandes operation, may surprise some.

But according to Joe Saward, not a lot of people may be very keen on the person ochestrating that new operation. Read this:

It is a sensible, rational, totally impartial (as far as we know) and sane analysis of events. It maybe does completely assume that Fernandes, as a businessman, is doing things in the ‘right way’, not *purely* for his own money-earning and power-owning possibilities… which is more than possible also, it must be said.

The main point in this post is that:

1 – with the money flying around, just bare in mind that ‘having the support of the Chapman family’ may be something that the new Group will see as a benefit to winning over fans and media

2 – nothing in this world comes for free…

3 – It still really, really, does not matter THAT much.

Obviously money may go somewhere or here or there or wherever during this process, and all the people involved may want as much of the pie as their greedy hands can hold. So it does matter to them.

But to the whole F1 world and fanbase… meh.

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