Formula 1 is environmentally friendly

Nick Fry says it succinctly:

“People are fooled by F1 because they see cars going round a circuit. But what we actually have is 26 cars going
round for an hour and half every other weekend from March to November, and the emissions created are actually very small. Whereas the technology we are developing at an accelerated rate is actually going to be used on billions of road cars one way or the other for years to come. People could rightly be critical of us if we were just having a lot of fun, using a lot of fuel and not developing technology that is relevant to anything. But that’s not what we do.”

Improvements in road cars is down to F1. This includes efficiency and all things green.

The cycling in Tour de France creates more filth in the atmosphere – as over 13 million spectators drive all over France to watch the event. This is a fact.

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