Plenty of news but few changes

As mentioned, the Formula 1 newsites must fill their word quota, so do this by churning out various articles on the same topic.

A seemingly hot topic is that there might be Team Lotus, or Group Lotus, or Lotus-Renault, or something to do with two teams wanting to use ‘Lotus’ in their name.

What F1 reporters have failed to realise is this: no one cares. Genuinely. I doubt even anyone involved cares, but they just need to fill their days and have something to talk about at their expensive dinners and flamboyant galas.

It’s simpy about the names. Of two teams. Who are going to be reasonably shite. That’s, it.

Other news = there are ‘rule changes’ regarding penalties given to drivers. The description of these includes that drivers ‘must stay on the track’ in case they ‘gain an unfair advantage’. Kudos to the boys at the FIA (or wherever) that hammered out that revolutionary new rule.

Other changes still concern the new movable rear wing, that no one has any idea how to use in any sense. Excellent decision-making this time from the FIA.

If you want to read a book-length article for any of these issues, go to Joe Saward’s blog. A great website, but still a little novelistic on any miniscule close-season issue.

The most important news is still simply the 2011 testing times:

Circuit de Valencia Ricardo Tormo, Spain 1st-3rd February 2011

Jerez, Spain 10-13th February 2011

Circuit de Catalunya, Spain 18th-21st February 2011

Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain 3rd-6th March 2011


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