Boring season begins

What will the BBC chavs do? Well, chavs is too harsh, though I have previously explained why the BBC “guys” are annoying chaff in the wheatland of Formula 1 coverage.

The BBC must be wasting a fortune for an inexperienced and unknowledgable (yes) glut of youths to trapse around the world, incessantly writing how F1 is really “exciting”, deciding that actual fact, quote or insight is largely over-rated in journalism today.

Thrilling articles such as BBC’s Mark Hughes or Mark Benson or whoever’s ‘Driver of 2010’ will surely give Fernando Alonso and all in the Ferrari garage a late season boon: “Get this lads – Mark Hughes’/Benson’s ‘Driver of the year’! Get in!”.

Entirely random, abstract ‘bests’.

The year already saw rise to these needless ‘quirky’ predictions and statements; Such as ‘Kubica for pole and race win in Korea’ – yes, a real stated opinion of some BBC goon this year.

It seems ultimately fashionable plus ‘alternative’ to Champion Kubica as “the best driver on the grid”. Yeah.

Aside this, Joe Saward’s GP Blog is still the only readable thing, though his continuous complaint of no free time does seem to have a smattering of untruth, as he can write sheer tomes of never-ending thought on the most banal of slightly-F1-related subjects. Succinct can be a good thing, Joe my friend.

Lastly, ITV and BBC both carry an article at the moment: ‘Hamilton Hopes for 2011 Success’. Riveting.

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