Vettel a deserving champion

And, as I said, the race was not ‘special’. The BBC twats even said it was going to be, and I quote, “a right royal tear up”. Ferrari made a crap decision, and McLaren, as usual, also made a bad one and pitted LEwis too early. He could have definitely beaten Vettel in the race, as RB seemingly turned down Vettel’s engine to save it.

If Lewis had pitted later, he would have been able to first stretch a gap, then pit and return in clear air.

Because Ferrari panicked, and McLaren are shite decision-makers, and for some reason Petrov decided for the first time he did know how to drive a car, Alonso lost.

Good. Ferrari and Alonso were beginning to believe they ‘deserved’ the title before they had actually won it, which is impossible. This was proved by Alonso’s gesticulating to Petrov.

What was he expecting? Why would Petrov just let him past, and take the title away from Vettel and give it to Alonso?

The arrogant Ferrari lot can keep moaning.

As will Webber. How proved, yet again, he is so average. He never charges. RB are paying his contract but he showed no effort to tackle Alonso to help his TEAMmate.

Crap/average driver, should do some moaning and then move to an average team and be 8th or 10th each race, out of the way.

More thoughts on this season:

– Kubica is NOT ‘one of the best drivers’ by proof or fact. He is just far better than Petrov, who is usually shite. People just love to tout his talent to seem really ‘aware’ of who is a good driver deep down.

– BBC waste a lot of money sending many people to races just to makie banal and uninsightful blabber.

Anyway – 4 months to go until 2011 races!

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