The title is not set for a thrilling showdown

The BBC live update is sometimes useful, but mostly annoying. Fans like me will of course look at it at all times, as it does provide pit updates from Holly Samos and Ted Kravitz, which is essential inside info.

The downside is the moronic lowest-denominator style idiocy that pervades all BBC media these days. Excessive use of the words “guys” and “folks” – every paragraph starts with “Well folks…”, and because it includes Twitter feeds, they somehow see fit to over-use slang, mis-spelling, or simply bad English.

Boiled down, it is two random morons typing whatever gash comes into their head, loosely revolved around Formula 1 commentary.

Anyway – they have hyped and over-hyped the last few races in ways that tells the secret that in reality they have been following F1 professionally or personally for maybe a year or two, but no longer.

Sometimes Formula 1 is simply not thrilling – in the way that they hyperbolise. Brazil had them apparently creamig themselves with apprehension, only for a very predictable and simple race resulting in a 1-2-3-4 finish by the main drivers.

There are indeed many different permutations of results in the Abu Dhabi GP 2010, but these all depend on one thing – Alonso being worse than 2nd. If he is, then Webber must win, to win. It is difficult to believe that it will be a RB 1-2 (Web-Vet) to begin with, with their engine limitations and the fact that Webber is a crap driver.

Yes it IS of course exciting – but as with all races, it has the potential for dulldom – if a Hollywood-style race is what you are after. Which it seems the BBC staff and their celebrity-fever style yappings expect from every race.

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