Daring to dream

Ah, sport. Is it better to be put out of your misery, or to still maintain last embers of hope?

Hammy put himself in a decent position and the car seems to be OK. Qualifying in the Brazil GP 2010 was a fraught and inconclusive affair – inconclusive as it did not conclude anything about the cars speeds at all.

Hulkenburg will of course bo overtaken once, twice or thrice by maybe even the first corner, and definitely by the first lap or two.

Bad thoughts sent to Alonso’s engine should see success, so an excellent result could make Lewis Hamilton the favourite for the Abu Dhabi F1, or it could be essentially exactly the same as today – dependent on however many laps of one race.

The best thing about sport is that there is always next year anyway. Even if the dream is dashed, we only need to wait 3 months to start it up again.

And start saving for the ridiculously priced F1 tickets.

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