2010 Formula 1 Champion: Adrian Newey

It is simply a part of the sport, but still doesn’t feel right if the best driver doesn’t or cannot win. If Webber wins, well, good for him and he has done what is needed. But it truly feels like ANY of the current field of drivers could be world champion in this years RB6, that’s the difference.

Except maybe Kovaleinen.

But anyone else, in that car, could be saying ‘yay, I won’, in easily earned victories.

All Webber needs to do is get in the car and drive it now.

Hamilton didn’t manage not to do anything ridiculous int he last race, and even though he was driving amazingly, beautifully and stunningly well in Japan, his asshole of a gearbox screwed up.

Never mind, if he wins the next 3 races, should be fine!…..

(p.s. – does anyone else imagine Kovaleinen getting out of the car each time, putting two thumbs up and squeeking “HEIKIIIIIII” with a smiley face, after each failure? Then his team say ” yeah alright Heiki, go and get changed”)


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