A moist Suzuka

If our hero Lewis Hamilton can manage to not do something ridiculous, then the weekend could be good.

The dream result for a LH win and Webber and Alonso to crash out, of course.

In the land of reality, things could still go well if it is wet. Red Bull’s downforce advantage, assuming it is still there, will be gone in the rain. Ferrari also seem to have got this covered much better than McLaren.

Unsurprisingly, I was correct in my last post, that Hamilton would refuse to change his driving style. Ah well.

A dry practice on Friday will let us see where the cars really are in development now – and then “heavy rain”, if a correct forecast for Saturday, will even things out in quali.

Sunday is “light rain”, which could mean a dry race or wet one, weather forecasts not giving a good 24 hour picture.

Either way, it is unbelievably exciting again. No teams have made any press announce,ments whatsoever about new parts, upgrades etc. for Suzuka, though McLaren said in Singapore that they would be using a new upgrade for Suzuka. RB and Ferrari have been completely silent on such matters – though it was said that Webber used a new chassis in Singapore, which doesn’t make sense — i.e. why did Vettel not?

In any case, it didn’t work, so perhaps RB won’t be in front, and Ferrari will. A win is absolutely massive on Sunday.

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