Amazingly set up

That’s the championship situation, and the cars, if you didn’t fully appreciate my thrilling double-entendre.

Mark ‘Reasonably annoying, slightly dull’ Webber showed that the best thing to do before a race is just keep quiet – he was moaning like a girl about ‘see, our car is quickest and the new tests changed nothing’ – based on some Practice 1 and Practice 2 – stupid.

Well, now Lewis is only 0.1 seconds behind Vettel on a track that ‘SHOULD’ be a Red Bull track. With better race pace as usual, this bodes very well.

Alonso’s Ferrari’s gearbox failed in Malaysia. And in practice on Friday. Massa’s failed today.

So this may be a problem for either full failure or loss of power in the race tomorrow – let’s hope so.

I was worried about Lewis before, as it seemd McLaren were still testing their new wings – but it all seemed to work, whereas Button is still fiddling around with his ‘perfect set-up or no set-up’ personal problem, and was 0.4 behind Lewis.

Of course, with an almost 100% guaranteed crash and smash by one of the crappy cars during the race tomorrow, luck will play a huge part.


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