Martin Whitmarsh is nice but dim

And annoying.

He is all over the news ‘hailing the “best ever” title race’.

Is that really part of his job description? To be an impartial hailer of how fun and exciting F1 is?

Is McLaren really such a big team that they have some kind of divine obligation to be overly sporting and pure in all of their movements and comments?

If they win the next 5 championships then maybe, but not yet.

Whitmarsh is constantly being weak, wimpish, too impartial.

The most he did when Red Bull fixed illegal parts to their car was make wry smiles and enigmatic eyebrow movements.

He has also failed to make good judgement calls. It was a miracle that Lewis won Spa after the team told him not to pit for wet tires.

Malaysia was a joke – the SAME THING HAPPENED in Italy 2008 – exactly the same! (they messed up Q1 and the rain)

Italy 2010 was Lewis’ fault, but they put him out in Q3 too late, so he had to run behind a slower Mark Webber – STUPID.

Also – KERS. A ‘gentleman’s agreement’? Fuck that.

This is exactly my point. Why Whitmarsh loves to ‘hail’ McLaren’s gentleman’s agreement not to use KERS in 2010 is ridiculous.

It’s like Red Bull making the same knobbish agreement not to use Adrian Newey’s designs to make their car faster, or Ferrari agreeing to smash Alonso’s fingers with a large metal hammer.

Just because the other teams didn’t like KERS… this is called an ADVANTAGE Whitmarsh.

Thankfully KERS is back – to the agreement of each gentleman no doubt – for 2011, so maybe Lewis will actually have a car fast enough to win races next year. If he ever gets that, he will always win the championship.

Until then – Whitmarsh needs to grow a pair and start acting like McLaren TEAM LEADER, not Mr. Fairness F1.


One Response to Martin Whitmarsh is nice but dim

  1. […] been said since 2010 that Whitmarsh was nice but dim, and also perhaps not the greatest leader of all […]

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