Stupid Lewis, Silly points

I have no idea why Lewis felt that time-warping back to his first year in Formula 1 would be a good idea. Even the best of them get the adrenaline rush.

He would EASILY have been able to overtake Massa later, because Massa is so weak. His car could also have been quicker than Button. Even 4th place would have been just fine.

But this got me thinking.

The points system was created to reward winning.

But it doesn’t do this. It MORE rewards consistency, which was the complaint of the old points system.


If a best car + best driver combination meant that a driver won 3 races, that’s 75 points now.

But what if in the next 3 races:

– an errant pebble caused a puncture

– a lesser car smashed into them

– another car’s problem caused another accident

Then that’s a huge amount of points lost through just bad luck.

Therefore it is actually better, wiser and lower-risk to aim for 2nd or 3rd each race.

Winning is irrelevant – simply finishing and not getting any DNFs is actually a better way to win, rather than go all out to win just for the thought of more points.

Alonso has momentum now and Ferrari seem to have the car sorted, BUT… anything can change next race. I fully expect Lewis to bounce back and be leading the points race after Singapore.


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