One day of fierce controversy

Then… nothing.

Last week, all F1 news sources were hot (hot hot) with the topic of RB’s front wing causing Vettel to skew off into Button’s McLaren.

Due to the way that it strangely skewed and fly sideways, coupled with Horner’s ridiculous excuses to try to cover their tracks, simply DOES show that the flexibility of the front wing means that when in the air wake of another car, it will have a large effect.

Webber into Hamilton in Aus, Vettel into Webber in Turkey, Webber into Kovaleinen in Spain, and now in Belgium.

They all have the same hallmarks – particularly in Turkey, when Vettel’s car flew sideways in the same way.

It is completely logical to see that when one wing is in normal air and the other near a car, there is a sideways effect.

Surely this is massive news? But then one day later, all of the websites stopped asking about it. I am not suggesting that Christian ‘I am so cool that sometimes I scare myself’ Horner is paying off these websites in either cash or body, BUT it is bizarre.

IF a car was flouting the rules so badly that it is causing a dangerous and race-ending effect, surely Charlie Whiting and his band of inept stewards and non-decision-makers should do something about it?

I for one hope that the new floor tests cause RB to go back a step, and the Super-arrogant Horner and the rather odd Newey have the smiles wiped off their faces as their car – when actually conforming to the rule-book – is slow again.


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