New F1 radio rule stupid and inpoliceable

September 12, 2014

So the new rule for radio, pit to driver messages is moronic.

Firstly, it’s stupid because technology is an understood aspect of F1. Drivers have tools such as brake balance, fuel usage etc.

So what is the point of this technology if they must psychically GUESS the goings-on of the car?!

But moreover, it’s an idiotic rule because you can’t stop it.

An engineer saying “I like pineapples” could be code for changing the diff setting. “Re-arrange your plums” could be a coded instructin on how to take corners.

I suppose we shoudn’t expect any level of logic from a sport that doubles the points on the last race, therefore potentially rendering the last 9 races meaningless.

E.g. if someone finishes first for 9 races and their competitor second or lower, they could have built a 49 point advantage.

Then if they DNF in Abu Dhabi and their competitor wins, those HALF-SEASON points are wiped out!


In-season testing

August 25, 2014

This blog has had many hits about Rosberg cheat or Nico Rosberg cheating. That was actually a previous article, yet the same issue has come up, and if Rosberg wins the F1 WDC 2014, the general view will be that it is purely, solely and only because of Hamilton’s ridiculous streak of bad luck this year.

The number of mechanical failures this year from Mercedes is obscene.

Hamilton fans and fanatics must be fuming. Testing times. I used to care more than I did, on a personal note. Now, I can take a step back and see that if he doesn’t win, it’s not that bad. Maybe it is difficult to sympathise with millionaire sportsmen, knowing they can console themself pretty much however they’d like to after a bad sporting day.

In any case, the racing Gods need to balance out this bad luck over the next few races. A DNF for Rosberg in Monza and Singapore would restore parity.

Nico Rosberg is a dirty cheat, say some

May 24, 2014

Nico Rosberg cheated at the Monaco F1 Qualifying, as he ‘did a Schumacher’ and made a mistake-on-purpose, thus causing yellow flags and not letting Hamilton complete a qualifying lap on new tyres. This pathetic move by the immoral and un-sporting Rosberg is quite ridiculous, seeing as the season is over 20 races, and he is much slower than Hamilton, and therefore cannot win the WDC. All he ended up doing is making bad reputation for himself and to become viewed as a cheater.


Monaco F1 2014: Five out of Five for Lewis?

May 21, 2014

Every year, F1 fans and media forget that 9 out of 10 Monaco F1 races are very dull processions, as cars capable of hundreds of miles per hour round racetrack bends are reduced to crawling through twisty old streets of a luxury seaside resort.

If it rains, it can be fun to see which drivers can handle it. But that’s still not Formula 1 racing. It’s inappropriate.

If it doesn’t rain, then it is dull and disrupting to the senses. They don’t play one FIFA World Cup game on a beach, or a park, or on city streets, do they?

So for the last several years, as the cars improve yet further, having a full race on Monaco’s streets feels a bit odd.

Nonetheless, the media hype machine continues, and we await the excitement of “Lights out!”, followed by about 60 laps of driving, with about three to four overtakes in total, only able to be done after the tunnel, just before the chicane.

Hopefully Hamilton wins, to at least give some consistency and keep us away from pure luck being a factor once more.



Three out of Three: Lewis Hamilton is unstoppable this year

April 20, 2014

His third win in Shanghai F1 and third win in a row this year, the first time he has had a hat-trick of wins.

The only one single thing that can stop Lewis Hamilton winning the WDC in 2014 would be outrageous bad luck.

He is clearly (in the 15 – 25 second range) quicker than Rosberg in a race, and has already won at most of the race tracks for the remainder of the season.

This is exciting stuff for Hamilton fans, finally able to see a car that matches the talent.


Hamilton fights off bad luck to win in Bahrain

April 7, 2014

Why are Mercedes so fast? Maybe because the over-emphasis on aerodynamics has been rightly removed this year, allowing the engine to speak for itself.

Not that Hamilton fans will care too much

Avid followers will have seen Lewis suffer from pure and simple bad luck in the last few years.

Bahrain was another classic case, as after building a 7.5 second lead, a freak safety-car deployment took that away, and, his side of the garage had made an odd choice of using the faster tyre in the middle of the race.

Nonetheless, Hamilton held off Rosberg to win.

Hamilton is a Shanghai-specialist, but he will need his engineers to match Rosberg’s in order to claim a back-to-back-to-back triple victory.

If you feel confident that this is his season, get even more out of it by going to F1 Betting at the top and look at the odds for the next race, and the Championship.

Interesting odds on F1 for 2014

February 24, 2014

Nico Rosberg and everyone at Mercedes seems to feel quietly confident.

The BBC’s Cheif F1 writer says:

“What has been seen on the track over the first eight days of pre-season testing could well be the result of management decisions made two or more years ago by the various teams and companies involved as they began to assess the new regulations.


“That does not mean Red Bull and Renault will not recover, but it does mean winning again this year is likely to be a far bigger challenge than over the previous four.

“The rules of the game appear to have changed, and at the moment it seems as if others have adapted better than Red Bull and Renault. Chief among them look to be Mercedes, who are so far undoubtedly in the best shape of all the teams.”


Sky’s current odds are 5/2 on Hamilton for the F1 WDC 2014.

Alonso is 11/4 and Vettel is 11/2.

These are all interesting punts, because they are decent odds if you are feeling confident about one driver.

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