Three out of Three: Lewis Hamilton is unstoppable this year

April 20, 2014

His third win in Shanghai F1 and third win in a row this year, the first time he has had a hat-trick of wins.

The only one single thing that can stop Lewis Hamilton winning the WDC in 2014 would be outrageous bad luck.

He is clearly (in the 15 – 25 second range) quicker than Rosberg in a race, and has already won at most of the race tracks for the remainder of the season.

This is exciting stuff for Hamilton fans, finally able to see a car that matches the talent.


Hamilton fights off bad luck to win in Bahrain

April 7, 2014

Why are Mercedes so fast? Maybe because the over-emphasis on aerodynamics has been rightly removed this year, allowing the engine to speak for itself.

Not that Hamilton fans will care too much

Avid followers will have seen Lewis suffer from pure and simple bad luck in the last few years.

Bahrain was another classic case, as after building a 7.5 second lead, a freak safety-car deployment took that away, and, his side of the garage had made an odd choice of using the faster tyre in the middle of the race.

Nonetheless, Hamilton held off Rosberg to win.

Hamilton is a Shanghai-specialist, but he will need his engineers to match Rosberg’s in order to claim a back-to-back-to-back triple victory.

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Interesting odds on F1 for 2014

February 24, 2014

Nico Rosberg and everyone at Mercedes seems to feel quietly confident.

The BBC’s Cheif F1 writer says:

“What has been seen on the track over the first eight days of pre-season testing could well be the result of management decisions made two or more years ago by the various teams and companies involved as they began to assess the new regulations.


“That does not mean Red Bull and Renault will not recover, but it does mean winning again this year is likely to be a far bigger challenge than over the previous four.

“The rules of the game appear to have changed, and at the moment it seems as if others have adapted better than Red Bull and Renault. Chief among them look to be Mercedes, who are so far undoubtedly in the best shape of all the teams.”


Sky’s current odds are 5/2 on Hamilton for the F1 WDC 2014.

Alonso is 11/4 and Vettel is 11/2.

These are all interesting punts, because they are decent odds if you are feeling confident about one driver.

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McLaren make late but wise decision to remove Whitmarsh

February 15, 2014

It’s been said since 2010 that Whitmarsh was nice but dim, and also perhaps not the greatest leader of all time.

5 years later, they have decided to remove the man who could not lead the team to:

- make the strongest car

- ever pick the best strategy

- pick the right driver to follow Hamilton

McLaren strategies – in almost every area – have been just terrible under his ‘leadership’, so finally deciding to out him is a smart move for 2014.

The first few races will tell us if they just go for logic and best decisions for their strategy, rather than the usual McLaren ‘set methods’ which they apply to every circumstance, no matter how inappropriate they may be.


Bet on the F1 2014

February 1, 2014

Sky always do good deals and interesting Formula 1 betting options.

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What is wrong with Red Bull in 2014?

February 1, 2014

Some F1 media reports say that the problems currently experienced by Red Bull may be “major”.

But I don’t think that will be true.

They have had some ‘issues’ in the past, usually because Adrian Newey loves to tightly pack car interiors, and over-heating can occur.

It seems that this is one current issue, but also the Renault engine – not directly in Red Bull’s control (in theory), may be causing vibrations that are interfering with the ERS (energy recovery system).

It is a possibility for this to be a bigger problem, but Red Bull and Newey have shown that they (or rather, he is) are capable of overcoming any problems and re-designing his way out of it.

Every single year, the F1 media tries to analyse the F1 testing, and 2014 is no different.

But it’s an exercise in futility. Testing is over a number of sessions, over the course of a month.

Everything can change before the first race in Australia.


The most interesting battle for F1 2014

January 6, 2014

Raikkonen vs. Alonso.

‘Head to head’ statistics are not only meaningless, but they are boring. Moreover, they are useless, superfluous, and potentially lacking in any guidance.

What will matter, is the results in 2014, as the men drive the ‘same’ car, at the same time.

We’ve seen this kind of thing before – the pleasantries to begin with:

“I respect him, he is one of the top drivers”

“We can learn from each other”

“We are good friends”

“I love him and I am carrying his baby”

All of this goodwill and good PR, is burnt off with the first touch of the throttle.

Something tells you first, that Alonso can come out top here, with his ability to get speed out of anything.

But then you are reminded of Raikkonen’s ability to produce perfection – at times.

Therefore, it feels as though some of it depends on the car: if Ferrari, as usual recently, make some mistakes and the car is not perfect, perhaps Alonso has the nouse and hustle to get the most out of it.

But if Ferrari make a perfectly functioning and understood car, it could be Raikkonen that is then motivated to give the car his all also.

In any case, this is the best driver pairing to look forward to, that there has been for many years.

But for the team, it’s a strange choice to have drivers who can easily take points off of each other!

That itself is going to be the main issue for Ferrari, and one which their competitors do not have for 2014.



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